Not a lot of people know that Eric Clapton’s guitar is hanging behind our cash register. Known as “The Fool”, Clapton’s famous SG was painted in 1967 by the  dutch art collective also called “The Fool”. The real guitar is currently in the hands of a private collector who reportedly paid $500,000 for the iconic instrument (hint: It wasn’t me!).  You can read more about “The Fool” at  Wikipedia.

My goal with Crossroads Guitar is to specialize in rare and unique guitars (even replicas) like “The Fool”.  I have plenty more awesome instruments to talk about and am regularly hunting down more everyday. I’m looking forward to chatting with you either in person (come on down to the store) or via our the new website.

In the mean time, I’ve got my 20th Anniversary Celebration to prepare and enjoy! Please come on by, Saturday September 13th from 11-3 for some live music, a free hot dog and some great deals!