Are you looking to take your music knowledge to the highest level?  For those interested in pursuing music certificate or degree level programs, Crossroads Guitar’s lesson plans are built to prepare you for college entry.

College entrance expectations:


  • basic note reading
  • chord changes
  • be able to follow form
  • improvise walking lines in latin, funk, rock etc music styles
  • soloing

Ear Training

  • be able to recognize:
  • all intervals
  • chord types & common chord progressions


  • be able to play all chords, as arpeggios in all keys, over two octaves, also for major, minor and modes


  • Insure proper fingering techniques, hand positioning
  • meter rehearsed by using a metronome
  • focus on tone
  • relaxed playing style


The above skills are built up through practice, practice, practice!

  • Play along with charts
  • Learn songs by ear to improve your ear-training
  • Explore alternate fingerings for all the different forms of scales