broken_guitarCrossroads Guitar is THE Tri-Cities music store for repairs and servicing of ALL stringed instruments.


Includes string, tune and polish.

Basic Set Up
Includes neck adjustment, level nut height, set saddle height, Intonation, clean electronics, tighten all loose hardware, polish instrument, and restring.
(Strings not included, Floyd Rose additional charge)

Set Up With Fret Dress
Basic Set Up plus cleaning of frets and removing divets in frets. Like having new frets.

Set Up with Fret Leveling
Basic Set Up plus Level, Crown and Dress Frets.

Bone Nut
Custom made bone nut for your instrument.

Bone Saddle
Custom made bone saddle, intonated for your instrument.

Pickup Installation
This service is for all electric and acoustic instruments.

Includes complete gutting of instrument, replace all pots, capacitors, wiring, switches and inputs.
(Parts not included)

Prices specific to the instrument. Binding vs no binding, stainless steel frets or nickel frets.

Re-Glue Bridge
Remove and refit old bridge. Very minor touch-up included. For bridge replacement add cost of factory made bridge. Handmade bridges may be necessary for vintage instruments and custom bridge replacements. Add cost of bridge.

Broken Headstock
Depends on the instrument and severity of break. We will have to see to make an accurate quote. Glue, seal and re-finish area. Repairs often not invisible.

Neck Re-set
Remove neck. Re-cut heel/body angle to correct high action. Additional fret work and bridge work may also be necessary.